Corporate Profile

Tiger Synergy Berhad (“TSB”) was incorporated on 2nd December 1994. The principal activity of TSB is investment holdings company. As at 13th November 2017, it has an issued and fully paid up share capital of RM134,459,573.73

The company's core businesses are in the property development and construction industry and wood base manufacturing and trading. In accord with the director's vision and confidence in future business opportunities, the company had charted a course for gradual future expansion.

TSB under its subsidiaries is led by an experience, capable and dynamic management team, which includes qualified professionals. Some of the Directors and Senior Management of the company has more than 15 years of "hands" on experience in Property Development and Construction Industry and Manufacturing and Trading Industry. With their vast experience and knowledge, the company is viewing for continuous success and significant expansion for development and construction and manufacturing.

Moving forward, the board envisaged higher revenue contribution for the property development segment as compared to the manufacturing and trading of the wood based products. The outlook for the property section is expected to be performing better as there is a growing demand for residential and commercial properties. The Group will source for land banks and joint-venture opportunities to further expand its property development segment. Going forward the group will continue to seek further enhancements in processes to improve operational efficiency, productivity and product quality with the view to reduce the overall cost and increase the profit margins in the manufacturing section. The Group intends to streamline and reforms on its activities in the timber log trading by looking and seeking for timber concession which will attribute profits to the Group where there are prospects for further growth.

The Group would continue with its rationalization exercise of its manufacturing and its log trading activity to future streamline its operations in managing this challenging operation environment and mitigating any potential adverse effect.

At Tiger Synergy Berhad (“Tiger”), we believe in creating a positive and enduring social impact through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that support our business, our people and the communities in which we operate. Through the years, these core commitments have been nurtured and extended to encompass the pillars of Workplace, Community, Environment and Marketplace, to ensure the continued wellbeing and sustainability of the community we serve.

Caring for Our Community
Through our philanthropic contributions, we continue to champion various efforts deserving support. This involved various organizations and charitable bodies that truly deserve it. We believe that in giving back is when we truly received. During the financial year under review, the Group has contributed and donated to the following charitable organisations, association and schools:-
(a)   Lion Parkson Foundation;
(b)   Pertubuhan Kaum Hokkien Seremban;
(c)   Negeri Sembilan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
(d)   Pertubuhan Keturunan Liew and Zhang Negeri Sembilan;

We conduct regular engagement with shareholders, institutional investors and the investing public via active and open channel of communication to convey the Group’s performance and position. The Annual General Meeting and subsequent media press conference ensures that shareholders are provided with details of Tiger’s financial performance and the latest corporate and property developments of the Group. This is substantiated with the release of quarterly financial announcements, corporate announcements, annual reports, circulars and press releases. With this, it enables our shareholders and investor communities make more informed investment decisions, thus sustaining and enhancing shareholders’ value. In addition, Tiger will conscientiously build quality homes for all range of income levels of the community ranging from low-cost apartments to luxury condominium, affordable homes to semi-detached houses and high-end bungalows in our developments.

As a developer with extensive operations, we exposed to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) risks arising from its activities. To manage significant EHS risks, strategic and concerted efforts have been put in place to mitigate the impacts on the environment and on the health and safety of the Group’s key stakeholders. The Group’s EHS Policy sets the strategic direction for all departments, employees and stakeholders to ensure effective EHS management in its operations.

The supply of water and its subsequent discharge into water systems are key to the environment that the Group has identified. To ensure reduction of the use of potable water in construction, the Group monitors water consumption closely with set targets in place. Water recycling have been set up onsite, and discharges into the water systems are closely monitored.

Our developments integrate energy-efficient designs such as natural ventilation induced to all spaces to encourage reduced air-con use for healthier life-style, large over-hang shading elements that allow diffused natural light to enter all spaces thus reducing reliance on artificial light and energy consumption.

Materials supply
The stability and the sustainability of the supply and material production of construction materials have a direct impact to the Group’s core business operations. Within the EHS Management System, the Group has Green Procurement Policies and Guidelines that clearly state the requirement for the selection of products through sustainable sourcing.

Nature’s Treasure
Green living and green building concepts are intrinsic to our designs and the Group endeavours to integrate nature in its
development. Our flagship development project, the award-winning residential development Telaris located in Alam Impian, Malaysia is nestled within nature, surrounded by lush fields, trees and green gardens. Telaris embraces the environment through sustainable and green living initiatives, designed principally as a ‘passive’ house to save energy. The use of natural sunlight is harnessed throughout each home by increasing the exposure of each area to sunlight. Rain water is utilised through harvesting technology thus mitigating the demand of water for outdoor use.

Environmental Awareness Activities
The Group has always been mindful of the way of its operations and business activities impact the environment. As such, the Group is always open to new ideas, techniques and technologies that can help enhance its entire value chain from an eco-friendly perspective. Our employees also have an integral role to play in the Group’s efforts to be ‘green’. Apart from inculcating habits like re-cycling paper in the office or switching off lights and electrical equipment during lunch hour, employees at Tiger are also encouraged to share ideas and suggestions on ways to save energy and safeguard our environment. Furthermore, Tiger seeks to reduce the impact on the environment by monitoring and reducing carbon footprint, waste, emissions and environment risks.



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