Corporate Profile

Tiger Synergy Berhad (TSB) (formerly known as Minply Holdings (M) Berhad), was incorporated on 2nd December 1994 it principal activity is Investment Holdings company. The authorized share capital is RM500,000,000.00 ordinary shares of RM0.08 each and 12.02.2016 it issued and fully paid up share capital is RM111,247,209.28

The company's core businesses are in the property development and construction industry and wood base manufacturing and trading. In accord with the director's vision and confidence in future business opportunities, the company had charted a course for gradual future expansion.

TSB under its subsidiaries is led by an experience, capable and dynamic management team, which includes qualified professionals. Some of the Directors and Senior Management of the company has more than 15 years of "hands" on experience in Property Development and Construction Industry and Manufacturing and Trading Industry. With their vast experience and knowledge, the company is viewing for continuous success and significant expansion for development and construction and manufacturing.

Moving forward, the board envisaged higher revenue contribution for the property development segment as compared to the manufacturing and trading of the wood based products. The outlook for the property section is expected to be performing better as there is a growing demand for residential and commercial properties. The Group will source for land banks and joint-venture opportunities to further expand its property development segment. Going forward the group will continue to seek further enhancements in processes to improve operational efficiency, productivity and product quality with the view to reduce the overall cost and increase the profit margins in the manufacturing section. The Group intends to streamline and reforms on its activities in the timber log trading by looking and seeking for timber concession which will attribute profits to the Group where there are prospects for further growth.

The Group would continue with its rationalization exercise of its manufacturing and its log trading activity to future streamline its operations in managing this challenging operation environment and mitigating any potential adverse effect.

Our Commitment To Society

We cannot claim to be the builder of the nation if we do not also focus on the quality of people's lives. In every corner of the country, our projects have changed lives for the better by improving economic growth, and by providing amenities and services to those who were once bypassed. Like proud parents we have supported and nurtured our people's growth. And the joy that we have brought has inspired to do even more for the betterment of the people. In that vein, our numerous social programmes represent our commitment.

Tiger Synergy Berhad ("TSB") has grained responsibility into its core business since its establishment. The Group commits to building quality homes to enhance lifestyles; creating wholesome communities; and providing housing to all range of income levels because we believe that everyone deserves their own living space. Through the years, this core commitment has been nurtured and extended to encompass the pillars of Workplace, Community, Environment and Marketplace, to ensure the continued wellbeing and sustainability of the community we serve:


Through the Group philanthropic contributions, we continue to champion various efforts deserving support. This involved various organizations and charitable bodies that truly deserve it. We believe that in giving back is when we truly received. During the financial year under review, the Group has contributed and donated to the following charitable organizations, association and schools:
(a) Associate Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia.
(b) UTAR Education Foundation.
(c) Negeri Sembilan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
(d) Tabung Pembangunan SJK(C) Ladang Hillside Seremban.
(e) PIBG SJK(C) Pei Hua Seremban.

The Group commits to transparency and good governance in every aspect of our operations. As a company listed on Bursa Malaysia, the Company makes it a priority to build effective channels of communication with our shareholders and stakeholders. In addition, the Company believes that good investor relation is vital for sustainable success. Every years, the Company holds an Annual General Meeting to provide and clarify to its shareholders with the Group's financial performance and the latest corporate proposals and business of the Group. This is substantiated with the release of quarterly financial announcements, corporate announcements, annual reports and circulars.

TSB attributes its employees as the drivers of the Group's continued success and growth. The quality of our human capital anchors the Group's continued success. As such, the Group strives to maintain high standards of recruitment, development and retention of employees in the workplace; aimed at a being sustainable employer of choice; by offering attractive remuneration and career developing planning.

At TSB, we strive to maintain and further enhance the natural environment at the heart of our developments. Our emphasis is to promote lush greenery and enhance the natural beauty prevalent within the developments that we create. Furthermore, we seek to reduce our impact on the environment by monitoring and reducing our carbon footprint, waste, emissions and environment risks



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